Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia


CBT-I focuses on specific behavioral interventions to eliminate some of your old habits and home environment disruptions that are  feeding your sleep disorder. The goal is to quickly identify sleep needs and problematic areas, implement specific changes guided by your therapist, and monitor and track the results until sleep has significantly improved.


You may have talked with a therapist about your insomnia in the past, and discussed some of the underlying mental health issues contributing to the loss of sleep (anxiety, stress, grief/loss, etc.). While emotional stressors are part of the assessment and ongoing plan, this is not the primary focus for this type of help. CBT-I is much more behaviorally driven, with a specific agenda each week of expectations and anticipated results. By immediately targeting the problematic sleep patterns and behavior, results tend to be tangible and significant. 


While every person is different, the average length of time to complete this treatment will be 8 weeks. Please keep in mind that your specific plan may require more time, or possibly less than 8 weeks. A key component in the success of this treatment is you! If you are willing to actively participate and follow the plan, we can likely make positive changes. You have been suffering for a long time! Let's work together so you have the opportunity for a significant improvement in your quality of life.

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