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Treatment for the various symptoms and levels of depression, and treatment for bipolar disorder. 

Most people think of depression as a deep and unrelenting sadness. But depression has many faces and many levels of severity, and can present very differently in men and women. Often, people assume depression incapacitating and easily identifiable, but in fact many people may outwardly appear functional.  While sadness can be a common symptom, many instead experience apathy, irritability and/or anger.  It is not unusual to feel numb and disconnected. Similarly, bipolar disorder has some common misconceptions that lead to over diagnosis or misdiagnosis. Bipolar is often depicted as a disorder with severe mood swings, when in fact, there are different levels of severity and many different reasons why someone would experience emotional fluctuations.

Depression help

Clarity on
Depression & Mood Disorders


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The gold standard of treatment for mood disorders is the combination of medication and therapy.  Medication is an important tool in treating depression and bipolar disorder and can be very effective in reducing symptoms. Research shows that therapy has equally positive effects. At Clarity Therapy, we will discuss options and identify the best plan to address your needs. For those who are feeling "stuck" and have grown accustomed to the way you are feeling, we will help reconnect you to the kind of life you want to be living. 

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