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Clarity on Substance Use/

Co-occurring Disorders

Treatment for problematic substance use, occurring in the context mental health issues. 

Most people that have difficulty with substance use have underlying issues that drive the urge to self-medicate. You may be experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, severe insomnia, trauma, or other mood fluctuations and have used some type of substance (or used a medication not as prescribed) to manage these symptoms in order to find relief. When there are significant mental health symptoms combined with substance use issues, this is a "co-occurring disorder." When substance use interferes with work, school, interpersonal relationships, and any area of functioning and well-being, replacement coping strategies are needed to manage the underlying symptoms that may be driving that use. 



We want to first understand your recovery goals so we can design a path that moves at your pace. At Clarity Therapy, we consider all of the aspects in your life that support recovery, which include improving your overall health, working on achievement of sobriety goals, creating a stable and safe home environment, designing daily structure to create meaningful purpose, and building interpersonal relationships to support recovery.  By cultivating all of these areas, the intention is to build resilience, strengthen health and wellbeing, and enhance your overall quality of life.

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