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Clarity on
Family Member Support

Treatment for family members and loved ones of those struggling with mental or physical health issues; you also need support to thrive!

As difficult as it is to be diagnosed with a serious mental health disorder or physical illness, it can be equally difficult for the family members or support system to manage the impact of these changes. The relationship dynamics and expectations shift, and family members and loved ones often do not seek the support and guidance needed to adjust and cope. It is important that loved ones have a secure environment to discuss thoughts and feelings.

Family Support

How can we help?

clarity therapy


The support system is often overlooked for self-care, but therapy can offer many  benefits. At Clarity Therapy, we will help you navigate the impact of mental health disorders on the relationship and entire family system, improve communication and problem-solving with loved ones, develop self-care and stress management strategies, and discover your own support systems to sustain your ability to support loved ones. We will also provide additional education about mental health disorders and help you understand how to react to and handle crisis situations.  

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