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Clarity on College Transitions

Treatment for academic and emotional challenges unique to the college environment.

Transitions are difficult for everyone, even when there is a measure of excitement. The transition process from one academic setting to another is often very different than what people expect, lasting anywhere from a few weeks to several years. Transitions occur across multiple stages and include many considerations, including the decision to go to college or choose an alternate path, where to go to college, how to acclimate, choosing a major, navigating unexpected struggles, as well as post-graduate/career decision-making. Adjustment can include academic, social, and/or emotional challenges.




The initial step for managing transition is uncovering all the contributing factors that are causing uncertainty and distress.  At Clarity Therapy, we will customize interventions to address each person's specific areas of concern and explore unique approaches to decision-making, managing stress, and accomplishing goals. Ultimately, the objective is to walk away feeling more empowered and capable, with the ability to formulate and implement a plan.

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