Therapy services in San Diego, CA

You're looking for relief, perspective, and understanding.

You need Clarity.

Identifying and managing anxiety disorders, stress triggers, panic attacks, and other symptoms associated with stress.

Collaborating to implement solutions for difficulty falling asleep, frequent awakening, early morning awakening, poor sleep quality.

Addressing body image and disordered eating that interferes with functionality and emotional well-being.

Offering relief for repetitive, intrusive thoughts that create unrealistic fears, and have a debilitating impact.

Managing all forms of depression (sadness, apathy, irritability, low self-esteem) & Bipolar Disorder.

Implementing change in problematic substance use patterns, and addressing core issues driving use.

Providing assistance for adjustment to academic and/or emotional challenges unique to the college environment.

Exploring dynamics/patterns that cause discomfort or distress in relationships (romantic, work, peers). 

Offering healing space for family members of loved ones struggling with mental health and substance use disorders.