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Clarity on Aspergers Syndrome

Evaluation and treatment for adults (high-functioning).

ASD continues to be a diagnosis that is confusing to the general public and often misunderstood by clinicians. What many people consider to be ‘obvious’ symptoms can be hidden or compensated for to the point that they ‘mask’ a person’s struggles and suffering. People frequently diagnose themselves after searching the internet for information. Symptoms might include extreme social anxiety, a feeling of disconnectedness, difficulties in social, work, and/or intimate relationships, problems with sleep, procrastination/time management, and memory or attention. These symptoms overlap with other disorders, which is why many individuals are misdiagnosed or not ‘fully’ diagnosed. 



At Clarity, the first step to finding out if ASD is a primary or underlying missing piece in your diagnostic picture is to have an in-depth evaluation. Even with this starting point, in some cases the diagnosis may take time to reveal itself. While there are well-researched and effective therapies for children with ASD, treatment for adults is still evolving, but needs to be more individualized due to the various coping and compensatory strategies that have developed over time. The starting point for everyone is education about how your brain works – how you think, perceive, process, and relate to others. Then we can address specific challenges and struggles as well as associated symptoms (depression, anxiety, etc.).

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